Bell Ringing

St Andrew’s has a ring of eight fine bells, cast by Taylor’s foundry in Loughborough. Taylors are (now that the Whitechapel Foundry has closed) the last remaining artisan foundry in the country

We are proud that Kildwick is one of the few towers (six at the last count) that retain their Victorian “Yorkshire Tail Ends”.  These form an important part of our heritage, though they are perhaps not best suited to modern-style ringing.  We love our “Double Sallies” but they mean that we get few requests from peal ringing bands.

There’s a great deal that can be said about this ancient and very English art – so we have our own website to do that!  Visit to read more.

When do we ring?

The clock has chimed regularly every quarter hour since the clock was installed in 1709.  The “tune” it rings is, as far as we know unique.

The bells are rung “full circle” by one skilled ringer on each rope.  We ring for morning service on Sunday (10.30-11.00am) and we practice from 7.00pm on Thursday evenings.  Brides will frequently ask for the bells to announce their wedding – and visitors will ask to come and ring our fine and unique bells.

Visiting Bands

You’re welcome to visit us!  If you turn up on a Thursday evening, you will almost certainly extend the repertoire of what we can do. If you’re organising a tour, then you’ll be welcome too, though we are trying to limit our “extra” ringing to one session in any calendar month, so book early! Get in touch with our Tower Captain and he will liaise with the vicar and churchwardens on your behalf to organise a mutually convenient time for you to visit.