Our Churches

St Mary’s church in Bradley began life as a Wesleyan chapel.  It was bought by an Anglican family and gifted to the Diocese, allowing the congregation to move out of the “Tin Tabernacle” on the outskirts of the village.  A small and friendly congregation gathers here amid the traditional non-conformist furnishings at 9.30 each Sunday morning.

St John’s church was built in Cononley in the 1860’s, initially as a daughter church for St Andrew’s, Kildwick and then as a parish in its own right.

Recently beautifully re-ordered and renovated it has become the common place of worship for both the joint Methodist and Anglican congregation in the village.

St Andrew’s church in Kildwick has roots that possibly go back over a thousand years.  There is evidence there may have been a church in 950 and building work has continued through the centuries to create the “Lang Kirk o’ Craven”, the longest aisle in a parish church in this part of the world.  It has also been designated a “Major