Leodis Consort

We are delighted to announce that we are linking up with Leodis Consort. St Andrew’s Kildwick is becoming their home for the next few years.

The Leodis Consort say about themselves:

“We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, historically informed performances that showcase the beauty and richness of early music. We pride ourselves in reconstructing early music as it was originally enjoyed by those who attended the first performances. Bach, Purcell, Handel, Victoria, and Byrd are in our repertoire as composers who achieved the stylistic summit of their time. Alongside this, we are especially interested in obscure and rarely performed early music pieces and we want to showcase them to the wider public. We perform pieces and compositions from unfairly overlooked artists: women, enslaved people, colonised indigenous communities, oral traditions-based music, prosecuted composers, etc. We are also keen to explore the influence that those compositions have had in late XX and early XXI century music.  As specialists in early music, we recognise the value these rare pieces have, not only stylistically but also socially and historically. It is our commitment to interrogate the traditional frameworks which contribute to the obscurity of those pieces and to offer our platform to bring light to the wealth of art which is less frequently programmed.  Early music owes a due debt to the composers and artists who are too often ignored. Our mission is to contribute, humbly but firmly, to the legacy of those forgotten artists. ” – https://leodisconsort.co.uk

As part of this link up, Leodis Consort will be performing at St Andrews a number of times each year.

The first will be the concert on 20th August (see poster below), then they will join us for Evensong for All Souls and then for our 9 Lessons & Carols Service.

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